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  French for Beginners

Because many of our students are beginners (or starting over) we have created a programme of study to allow you to learn French Naturally and simply. This programme includes:


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"French for Beginners"


Real Life French Lessons
Every Wednesday we publish a new lesson of French which is based on a situation of everyday life in France. Listen to an example lesson :

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Real Life French Guides
Each lesson is accompanied by a Lesson Guide which contains

A complete PDF transcription of the lesson including a complete translation in English.
A full transcript of the dialogue with additional notes on grammar rules
Supplementary vocabulary

View an example PDF guide


Real Life French Video Vocabulary
Each week we publish a video, which allows you to learn new words before you know it!

View an example of Video Vocabulary

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Full access to Dailyfrenchpod
Dozens of interactive exercises (new exercises added every week) :
Crosswords, Jumble sentence, QCM, Quiz, Matching and more.
Example : Matching - Les fruits 2.

Hundreds of vocabulary sheets and more than 70 grammar tutorials.

Weekly dictations (example)

A large community of French learners, experts and teachers to answer your questions to practice. And forums to interact with other Francophiles.

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