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How to subscribe to Dailyfrenchpod podcasts

The easiest way to subscribe and to listen to our podcasts is to use the free iTunes software.

Using iTunes :
Please, follow these steps :

If you have not installed iTunes on your computer,
click here to download and install iTunes (it's free !).
If you have installed iTunes on your computer, click here.

The Dailyfrenchpod page subscription will automatically open up inside of iTunes.

Click on "Subscribe". Then, the most current podcast will begin to download. When it is finished downloading, you can listen to it ! Each time a new episode is available, it will be indicated into iTunes.

Note :
If you wish to discontinue being notified about our podcasts, click "Unsubscribe".

Note :
ou don't need an iPod to listen to our podcasts. Once the podcasts are on your computer, you can simply play the files back through your computer's speakers or transfer them to any mp3 player.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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